Wilmer & Lee, P.A.’s Government Contract Group Scores Major Victory

Huntsville, Ala. – July 23, 2013 – Last week, our Government Contract Law Group scored a major victory for Asset Management Real Estate (AMRE).  AMRE is a very large real estate brokerage firm in Denver, Colorado.   AMRE had bid on a  contract that involved multiple awards by HUD.   The procurement involves many tens of thousands of private residences in the Western U.S. that had been foreclosed and now owned by HUD.   The statement of work was for the awardee(s) to sell the private residences to private citizens and return the proceeds to HUD.  The amount of money involved well exceeded $100M.

Two of AMRE’s major competitors were awarded all the work.   AMRE retained Wilmer & Lee to protest the award at the U.S. General Accountability (“GAO”).   Gabig, Raleigh and Dill filed the protest.   The two successful vendors retained prestigious Washington DC firms.   After Wilmer & Lee fighting back three motions to dismiss, as well as Wilmer & Lee filing a supplemental protest,  HUD agreed to take corrective action  without waiting for the GAO to issue an adverse decision.   The client is delighted.   Also, it is customary for the Federal agency to pay the legal fees of the protester when the agency takes corrective action.