A Contractor’s Guide To Government Shutdowns

Wilmer & Lee, P.A. Attorneys Jerry Gabig, Rich Raleigh, and Chris Lockwood recently authored an article published by Thomson Reuters in the publisher's newsletter periodical, "Briefing Papers".  The article, A Contractor’s Guide To Government Shutdowns, provides federal government contractors practical advice with respect to government shutdowns and how to deal with stop work orders and other similar events.  The Briefing Paper "discusses the legal principles involved with Federal Government shutdowns and provides federal contractors with suggested strategies for mitigating damages and recovering costs incurred as the result of a shutdown."  For more than 40 years, Briefing Papers has been a source of legal analysis and guidance on government contracting.  Jerry Gabig, Rich Raleigh, and Chris Lockwood and the Wilmer & Lee Government Contracts Practice Group represent federal government contractors across the United States in all areas of federal government contracting. Read more...
A Burden Lifted - Hiring of Incumbent Workforce By Follow On Contractor - It Is Again Your Decision Who You Hire
The decision is again in the hands of the government contractor.  They can decide who best to fill the positions when they take over a contract.