All of our attorneys are admitted to practice in the State of Alabama and are members of the Alabama State Bar. Many are also admitted to the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Alabama. A number of our attorneys are admitted in other states, and many are admitted to other U.S. District Courts and U.S. federal courts of appeal, including the United States Supreme Court.

Chad W. Ayres | Bio
Real Estate

Katie Amos Beasley  | Bio
Commercial Real Estate, Eminent Domain, Real Estate Litigation, Corporate Law

P. Michael Cole | Bio
Civil Practice, Corporate Law, Governmental Relations, Health Care, Criminal Defense, Employment Law

Suzanne Dorsett Currie | Bio
Real Estate, Corporate Law

Andrew D. Dill | Bio
Corporate Law; Civil Litigation; Commercial Collections; Bankruptcy; Employment Law; Estates and Trusts

Matthew T. Dukes | Bio
Civil Litigation, Insurance Defense, Commercial Litigation, Construction Litigation

Matthew Elliott | Bio
Litigation, Real Estate, Probate Administration, Estate Planning

Frederick L. Fohrell | Bio
Civil Litigation, Workers Compensation, Employment, Health Care

Earl T. Forbes | Bio
Insurance Defense, Workers' Compensation, Construction Litigation, General Trial Practice

Jerome S. Gabig  | Bio
Federal Government Contracts

Britni T. Garcia  | Bio
Workers’ Compensation, Education Law, Civil Litigation

Samuel H. Givhan | Bio
Commercial Real Estate, Eminent Domain, Real Estate Litigation, Corporate Law

Tracy Green | Bio

Laura Hiller | Bio
Workers’ Compensation, Civil Litigation

Joseph A. (Al) Jimmerson | Bio
Airport Law, Corporate Law, Business Law

D. Ashley Jones | Bio
Estate Planning, Taxation, Corporate Law, Probate Law, Real Estate

Walter A. Kelley | Bio
Labor Law (management), Employment and Discrimination Law, Wage and Hour Law, Family and Medical Leave Act, Disability Discrimination Defense, Civil Rights, Workers’ Compensation, Civil Litigation, Insurance Defense

Christopher L. Lockwood | Bio
Business Disputes and Litigation, Government Contract Law, Trademarks, Intellectual Property Law, Employment Law

Robert C. Lockwood | Bio
Civil Litigation, Labor and Employment Law, Health Care Law

T. Mark Maclin | Bio
Civil Litigation, Domestic Relations, Insurance Defense, Corporate
Law, Wills, Probate

Logan David Lee Manthey | Bio
Civil Litigation, Insurance Defense

Clint Maze | Bio

Elena G. Moats | Bio
Civil Litigation, Insurance Defense

Katie Granlund Mooty | Bio
Civil Litigation, Workers' Compensation Law, Employment Law

Richard J.R. Raleigh, Jr. | Bio
Government Contracts Law, Labor and Employment Litigation, Trade Secret Litigation, Cybersecurity Law, Business Litigation, and Civil Litigation: Defense

Benjamin R. Rice | Bio
Civil Defense Litigation, Insurance Fraud, Professional Malpractice, Products Liability, Mediation

S. Dagnal Rowe | Bio
Corporate Law, Probate, Banking Law, Trusts and Estates Law, Business Law, Business Litigation, Elder Law and Creditor's Rights, Commercial Real Estate, Bankruptcy Law

S. Dagnal Rowe, Jr. | Bio
Commercial Litigation, Shareholder Disputes, Corporate Law, Banking Law, Cryptocurrency and Smart Law, Bankruptcy Law and Creditor’s Rights, Commercial Transactions, Estate Planning, Trust Planning, Elder Law, Probate, Trusts and Estates Litigation, and General Civil Litigation

Lawrence C. Weaver | Bio
Tax Law, Trusts and Estates, Probate, Commercial Transactions, Real Estate

John A. Wilmer | Bio
Labor (Management) Law, Civil Rights Law, Employment and Discrimination Law

Michael K. Wisner | Bio
Individual Income Taxation, Estate Taxation, Corporate Law, Commercial Law, Corporate Tax, Contract Law, Probate, Trust Planning, Real Estate

Robert V. Wood, Jr. | Bio
Civil Defense Litigation, Commercial Litigation, Construction Litigation, Professional Malpractice, Professional Errors and Omissions, Insurance Defense